Laboratory services to maintain environmental, health and safety requirements

Offers for legal persons

All the testing methods are accredited!

Laboratory offer in accordance with the requirements of the State Environmental Service

  • Underground water analyses from wells (well passports, natural resources tax payments for the use of underground resources, groundwater quality assessment);
  • Groundwater sampling and testing:
    1. pollution assessment at service stations (DUS);
    2. determination of pollution in reclaimed waste dumps;
    3. determination of composition and determination of aggressiveness against concrete and metals.
  • Assessment of surface water pollution
  • Sampling and testing of rainwater
  • Analyses in accordance with the requirements of the water use permits:
    1. Analysis of waste water;
    2. Analysis of sludge recovered from waste water treatment stations;
    3. determination of the composition of activated sewage sludge (from an aerotank) and evaluation of the efficiency;
    4. Surface water analysis (upstream and downstream of waste water discharge)
  • Determination of soil contamination
  • Measurement of emissions from boiler houses
  • Assessment of the quality of solid biofuels (including chips, pellets) by determining humidity, ash content, calorific value, etc.
  • Assessment of production waste and analysis of its composition
  • Measurement of environmental noise
  • Clarification of the results obtained and consultancy

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Laboratory offer in accordance with the requirements of the Health Inspectorate

  1. Drinking water analysis:
    1. From the tap - in accordance with the monitoring program;
    2. After disinfection/rinsing of water pipes;
    3. Checking the performance of purification plants (filters);
    4. In cases of complaints.
  2. Water analysis for swimming pools
  3. Surface water analysis in bathing areas
  4. Air control of the working environment
  5. Microclimate and lighting measurements
  6. Noise level measurements

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